6 winter looks with Zara

Zara has the most complete collection for your winter looks. Either you are going to work, to dinner, or if it’s raining or snowing, Zara gives you a whole list of choices to be trendy while you adapt your look to the weather. Check out the 6 winter looks we have designed with Zara‘s clothes just for you!

  • Rainy weather? Zara has the solution:


Don’t let the rain sour your day! On the contrary, you should be happy it’s raining because you have the opportunity to wear your trendy water boots and your favorite trench coat! Zara‘s water boots ($29.90) are perfect for this kind of weather and they match almost anything. You can wear them with any color or style. We have chosen some classic skinny jeans ($39.90), a white elegant blouse ($49.90) and a warm polo neck sweater ($35.90) in a burgundy shade. Don’t forget to combine the whole look with a beautiful and elegant trench coat ($149). Zara has everything you need to get the perfect look for a rainy day.

  • Zara keeps you warm when it snows:


It’s so fun to go outside when it snows! But it’s difficult to be in style without being cold. Zara has the perfect items to keep you warm but still be trendy. We love this hooded cape ($129) that looks so warm and it matches so nicely with this midi skirt ($29.90). And is there anything warmer than the burgundy knit sweater ($49.90) we have chosen? Well, this biker boots ($139) look quite warm themselves. And to keep on going with the warm look Zara has a long list of accesories, like this gloves ($22.90) and this cute pompom hat ($15.90). You can also add one of the trendiest scarves of this year to your snowy look.

  • Enjoy a winter sunny day!


Even if it’s winter there can always be sunny days. Although it doesn’t mean it’s not cold, don’t forget it’s still winter! You have to adapt your look to the cold but sunny weather with Zara‘s accesories such as the felt hat ($35.90) and this sunglasses ($22.90) that match perfectly the hat. The knit sweater ($12.99) we have chosen matches also very nicely the hat and sunglasses brick color. And the best way to make that color pop out is to combine it with neutral colors, that is why we think this black skinny trousers ($49.90) are the perfect choice together with the ankle boots ($139) with a metallic detail. In order to give a little bit of contrast to the look we have chosen this wool coat ($149) that plays with some brick shades.

  • A night out in winter? Yes!


Don’t be afraid to get out at night, don’t let the cold weather stop you from having a good party. You just need, once again, to adapt your look to the cold nights. Zara has a great choice of items in order to look beautiful, sexy, elegant and, of course, warm! First of all, be sure to have a warm coat, and what better for a night out than fur? This faux fur coat ($149) is great for a cold night out, it will keep you warm all night long! The same issue for the shoes. You don’t need snow ugly shoes to keep your feet warm, you can have that combined with elegance and sexiness. The over-the-knee boots ($279) are made for that and they are this year’s star item. We have chosen this sequinned skirt ($49.90) and a simple black and elegant polo neck sweater ($29.90) for a perfect night out look. Add some jewelry, like this earrings $19.90, and a nice lipstick and you are ready to rock!

  • Chic, warm and confortable at the office with Zara:


Going to the office in winter might be hard because of the cold weather; it’s too cold outside but too hot inside. I recommend you were war coat and something lighter underneath. For example this Zara coat ($49.99) and this chic dress ($39.90). Add winter accesories like this soft scarve ($22.90) to be warmer and stylish. And, as a final touch, wear a confortable heel to work, like this ankle boots $99.90. Be sure to carry a handbag big enough for all the things you will need during the day and at work, just like this city bag ($59.90).

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