The perfect little black dress for your body shape

The little black dress is something every woman should have in her closet. You can wear it anywhere and anyhow, and it’s perfect for every occasion. Depending on how you combine it you can wear it to a party, to take a walk or for work.  But it’s not that easy to find the little black dress that fits you perfectly. You have to keep in mind that not every cut suits you well, and you must choose the one for you according to your body shape. Don’t worry! We are here to help you! We have found some really cute little black dresses cutted differently and the ones that match well with each kind of body shape. Let’s take a look!

  • The hourglass body shape:

Little black dresses for the hourglass shaped bodies

With this type of body your perfect little black dress must be a tight waist dress to show off your curves and highlight your thin waist. You can add a belt at that level to really underline your body shape. It’s a really feminine kid of body so you might want to dress it in a flattering way. We have chosen these two options from Zara and Mango.

  • The pear body shape:

Little black dresses for the pear shaped bodies

The pear shaped body is very feminine too. Wide hips can be very beautiful but sometimes we prefer to soften a little bit the lines. It’s better to use a loose dress than a really tight one, it’s more elegant. That’s why for a pear shaped body we recommend a trapezoid dress: the upper part is tighten and highlights your chests, it marks your waist and then it opens in a bell shape to give some space to your hips. It will fit you perfectly! We like these two from Asos: the lace dress and the 3/4 sleeve.

  • The rectangular body shape:

Little black dresses for the rectangular shaped bodies

If you don’t have much curves the best little black dress you can wear is the straight and loose one. You can choose a mini dress model or a long one, they will follow in an elegant way the lines of your body. Don’t be afraid to play with accesories or details on your dress! That’s the funny part with straight black dresses, they are very simple so you can wear and do almost anything with them! For example this dress with fringes from H&M, or this sheer sleeve dress from Zara.

  • The apple body shape:

Little black dresses for the apple shaped bodies

Women with an apple shaped body should avoid closed dresses. As this shape involves wide shoulders and back you will want to wear a little black dress that can hide it. Focus the attention in your cleveage and wear dresses with a V neck. If you give a little bit of freedom to your chest you wil attenuate the square shoulders. You can also wear trapezoid shaped dresses to bring a femenine touch to your body. What do you think of our Zara and Mango choices?

  • The oval body shape:

Little black dresses for oval shaped bodies

It’s the same principle as the rectangle shaped bodies. Your body has only one shape so there is nothing really to highlight, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a beautiful kind of body and there are perfect little black dresses for you. You will want to choose a loose and straight kind of dress too. You can play with transparencies and laces to give the sexy touch you are looking for. We have a crush on this Asos model and this Mango dress.

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