Balmain x H&M sold out in few hours and in chaos

Yesterday H&M launched its exclusive and popular Balmain collection. They just needed a few hours to sold out every item of the collection and to collapse the website. H&M campaign resulted in a complete online chaos and stampedes in many stores around the World. What to expect after the whole marketing and advertising devices Balmain and H&M carried through to sell the collection, such as the runway show Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing organized in New York where the Backstreet Boys performed. It obviously worked!

Even if the whole collection has disappeared in a record time, the H&M shoppers weren’t quite happy about the organization. Twitter has been the scene of hundreds and hundreds of complains from the ones who tried to buy online. It seems like the website wasn’t already working before the start of the selling, according to what Fashionista published yesterday during the Balmain sells. And when it finally start running most of the collection was sold out.

If online was real chaos imagine how H&M stores got… Stampedes, races to get into the store, fights for a Balmain item, etc. The limited supplies of the collection overwhelmed the stores and the websites, who obviously couldn’t manage the amount of people buying the collection.

The success of this H&M collaboration and the desire to possess a Balmain item have been so enormous that people are getting advantage of the ‘Balmainia’ and are selling on eBay the Balmain x H&M clothes for ridiculously higher prices. Elle has gone through eBay and has compiled some of the items that are being sold for much higher prices and Balmain clothes that cost actually less than the ones from H&M being sold on eBay. For example, the beaded velvet jacket Gigi Hadid wears in the H&M campaign is being sold for $4.050 and it actually costs $549. At this point is probably better to buy a real Balmain. And I wouldn’t be suprised if, after this, Balmain sales increase.

Well, we have to admit they have done a great job selling the collection. Rousteing has been burning down the social networks since the collaboration was announced and they have done a nice job working with the ‘it girls’ of the moment, such as Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Jourdan Dunn. Who doesn’t want to look like them nowadays?

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