Chanel buys La Pausa, historic home of Coco

Entirely conceived by Madame Coco, the Villa La Pausa in the South of France was acquired last Wednesday by Chanel, to make it a place dedicated to the brand and its values.

La Pausa
La Pausa Mansion

In the twenties Gabrielle Chanel fell in love with the area of ​​Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, who had visited in the company of the Duke of Westminster.

In 1928 he bought for 1.8 million francs a piece of land in the area where in two years, spending about 6 million francs, he built a building in his image and likeness.

The designer is in fact assumed personal responsibility for devising a place that would be able to reflect her style and her life in good times and bad, including adolescence spent in the orphanage of Aubazine, which recovered several architectural elements .

Hugh Grosvenor, Duke of Westminster and Coco Chanel
Hugh Grosvenor, Duke of Westminster and Coco Chanel. WIKIPEDIA

Coco Chanel is still served on the advice of an expert, Robert Streitz, which also found refuge in the villa during the German occupation of France during World War II.

On the death of the Duke of Westminster in 1954, the house passed into the hands of Hungarian publisher Emery Reves, other leaders, from Greta Garbo to Churchill, were housed within this “retreat”.

It seems that the British Prime Minister adored La Pausa, where he spent a lot of time and wrote part of his book History of the English Speaking Peoples, while his wife Clementine hosts numerous works of contemporary artists.

On the death of his wife Wendy, Reves, took place in 2007, the house was closed and, after legal vicissitudes, relisting in 2013 for 40 million euro, as reported by Le Figaro.

La Pause Chanel

A curiosity: one of the perfumes of the collection Les Exclusifs fashion house’s double-C is called 28 La Pausa, with a reference to this special place, full of memories, style and culture, and the year in which its story began.

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