How to get a nice skin?

You have always dreamed of having a flawless and soft skin. Well, don’t worry because you only need to know some tips to improve your skin at home and some healthy habits to the porcelain and smooth skin you have always wanted. It is quite easy to take care of it and we tell you how you can do it. Keep reading!

No expensive creams and lotions or luxury treatments are needed in order to have a nice skin. You can manage to improve the health, texture and look of your skin with these few tips:

  • Cleanse your skin once a day.

    And use a cleanser with salicylic acid because it will exfoliate dead skin cells and help reduce the appearance of pores. It is important to clean your skin really good after you have used make-up, but do it gently and with cold water. Otherwise you will irritate it and cold water helps closing the pores and reduces inflammation. When you dry it try also to use a soft towel or a tee-shirt; you need to avoid any kind of abrassive fabric.

Woman cleansing her skin.
Woman cleansing her skin.
  • Moisturise your skin every night.

    And do it while your skin is still humid from the cleansing. It is important that, after cleaning your skin from the dirt it has collected during the day, you mosturise your skin with cream or lotion. While you apply it remember to do a small massage because it’s stimulates the blodd circulation and it can help to soften the skin and the expression lines of the face, and you will recover the brightness.

  • Keep your hands off your face.

    Your hands are constantly touching things and they carry a lot of bacteria. If you keep touching your face with them you can increase the greasy skin and introduce dirt into your pores. Don’t touch your zits and spots, you will make it worse. Be sure to clean and disinfect your hands before putting them anywhere near your face.

Woman drinking water.
Woman drinking water.
  • Drink a lot of water, eat a healthy diet and include vitamin C in it.

    You can also use vitamin C in lotions and creams. This will help bringing back the luminosity and brightness of your skin. And it’s important to eat food with vitamin C, such as fruits and vegetables, because it produces collagene which is essential for the skin production. Eating seeds is also a great way to take care of your skin; they eliminate toxins and the aging. You must also hydrate your skin by drinking water and not only moisturize it with lotions. Avoid eating greasy food.

  • Have a good night sleep. Everyday.

    Your skin needs to rest as much as you and your body. It needs the night to regenerate. And if you don’t sleep well or enough it will be revealed through the bags under your eyes. It is important too to do exercise. Fitness and workout can only be positive for your life in every kind of way.

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