Halloween decorations: 5 easy DIY ideas

Halloween is coming and so is the party you have planned. But you are on a low budget or you have no time to think about the Halloween decorations. Don’t panic! We have the five best ideas ever for your Halloween decorations. The easiest, fastest and cheapest ideas. Check it out!

  • Halloween-themed balloons:

Halloween decorations: balloons.

It’s probably one of the easiest Halloween decorations you can do yourself and make your house look as spooky as you wish! You just need to buy some balloons. Be sure to pick the right colors: orange, black and white. You will also need a black marker and a white one, and they must be permanent so they can write on the balloons. Blow up the balloons in different sizes, it’s better if they are not all the same. With the black marker draw on the orange balloons some pumpkin faces, made them as creeppy as you can! On the white ones you can draw ghost faces, skulls, and even black cats. Then take the white marker and on the black balloons draw some spider webs and some faces too if you want. You can also buy an orange marker and draw some orange spots on the black balloons, do the same with the black marker on the orange balloons. You will have nice and elegant matching balloons for perfect Halloween decorations.

  • Spooky wool spider webs:

Halloween decorations: spider web.

Instead of buying the cotton spider webbing, which is quite a mess once you have to clean and put away all the decorations, you can do yourself as many spider webs as you want with some wool. They can be as big as you want and you can put them in your walls, tables, entrance… Wherever you want. You just have to take two cords and attach them in the shape of a cross, those will be the anchor cords. Once you have that you have to take a long cord and tie it in a spiral to the anchor cords. Then, add spokes to the spiral, and done! You can also try with white wool if you want a more realistic touch. And don’t forget to add small plastic spiders. Very spooky!

  • Classic Halloween pumpkin:

Halloween decorations: pumpkin.

The pumpkin is the queen of Halloween decorations. You need to decorate your house with them if you want to throw a real Halloween party. You can do the classic carved pumpkin face, but it takes time and it’s not so easy. And, in addition to that, you need to clean the rests of the carving. So we recommend you just paint your pumpkin. Take a black marker and paint the scary face or whatever you like! It’s quite easy. If you don’t trust your drawring skills you can always buy some stickers, or print at home a model and cut the eyes and the mouth and just stick it to the pumpkin.

  • Bats are Halloween decorations must have:

Halloween decorations: paper bats.

Those are so easy to do that is almost an obligation to include them in your Halloween decorations. You just need black poster board and to draw your bat on it, then cut it and hang it. See? Easy! If you don’t want to draw it you can always find a model on internet, print it and use it to do your bat. There are also many ways to hang the bats. You can use fishing line and hang them by the wings or by the head, depending on the shape of your bat. You can also stick them to your walls and doors, if you do so you might want to stick just the body and fold the wings so it looks more real.

  •  Hanging ghosts:

Halloween decorations: ghosts.

What  kind of Halloween party would it be without ghosts hanging around? They must be in your top ten Halloween decorations! Really easy to do too. You just need some pieces of white fabric. You can use an old t-shirt or a sheet you were thinking to throw away. Cut a piece of the fabric, enough big to be able to put the filling. And the filling you can do it with balls of paper, or cotton. Once you have covered the small ball with the piece of fabric, tie it with a small white string or thread, or even a hair tie. And to hang them you just need a needle to pierce the fabric on top of the head of the ghost with the string you are going to use to hang it. It’s now ready to hang wherever you want!

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