Home decorating ‘do it yourself’ ideas

Are you planning to do some decoration changes? Home decorating can be really fun! Do you want to add some cute details to your room? Or are you simply tired of your decoration? Well, we are here to help you and give you some original ideas you can do yourself at home. And you won’t have to spend any money. Easy, fun and cheap! 

If you have no plans this weekend and you have a bunch of things at home you want to throw away, recycle or you just don’t know what to do with it, we have the perfect home decorating ideas for you! Grab all the cans and bottles you want to get rid of and let’s start decorating!

  • Candle holders with crystal jars:

Crystal jars as candle holders.

It’s easy to do and really cute! You almost don’t have to do anything. Just take the empty crystal jars you have at home; for example the jam and marmalade jars, the ones that contain pickles or olives, tomato sauce, yogurts and everything you can find at home that is empty and you are not giving use to. Instead of throwing them away you can clean them up, recycle and use them for your home decorating ideas such as candle holders. You just have to decorate them with bows or stickers, or even paint them with light and warm colors; orange, light blue, light green or yellow. Then, put the small candles inside and there you go! You have new candle holders!

  • Little tables with wood crates:

Table made with a wood crate.

You might not have wood crates at home but you probably can find some in the streets or in some groceries stores. And maybe you buy fruit that comes in this kind of boxes. There are many sizes so you can be very creative. You can also paint them with cheerful colors or decorate it with printed wallpaper. I prefer the wood touch, so I recommend to just varnish the whole thing to put it more elegant. If you are a handy person you can add some wheels or build a chest or shelves.

  • Crystal bottles vases:

Vases made with crystal bottles.

Remember that home decorating is based in creativity, so everything around you can be used as a decoration item. Take for instance crystal bottles; you buy them everyday, beer, milk, juice… Don’t throw them away. Rinse them, take off the labels and use them as vases. Buy some nice and colorful flowers and put them inside with some water. You can also decorate the bottles with ribbons, stickers or paint. Try to put sand or small stones inside, it gives a really fresh touch to your decoration.

  • Picture holders with clothespins:

Photo holders made with clothespins.

Surprisingly, random things like clothespins are great home decorating items. If you use a rope and you hang your favorite photos with the clothespins you will find out a beautiful way to decorate your room using your nicest memories. I personally like the wood clothespins, but you can also use the colored ones or paint the wood ones. You can decorate them with stickers or make some drawings, put some prints, like dots, stars or flowers. Don’t use clothespins just to hang your clothes, hang also your best photos!

  • Pencil holders with metal cans:

Pencil holders made with metal cans.

Once again, let’s recycle! Use the metal cans you buy and throw away everyday to keep your pencils, pens, and work or school material. No need to buy a pencil holder. You have plenty of those all around your house. Paint them, decorate them, use wallpaper you like and stick it to the cans. The result will be very cute and you will have a nice and useful pencil holder in less than five minutes.

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