House plants: which one matches your personnality?

Do you want to add a green touch to your home? What better than house plants to be connected with the Nature without going out of your place? If you don’t know what kind of house plant to choose or which one will look great with your decoration let us help you with our selection. We have chosen some house plants according to different kinds of personnalities, find yours and get the perfect plant for your home!

  • For busy people with not much time:

House plants for busy people.

If you are a busy person and you usually aren’t at home much, I recommend you buy simple house plants that don’t require a conscientious care. Such as cactus, for example. They don’t need much water or any other kind of care. you actually just need to buy them, leave them at your place and that’s pretty much it! From time to time make sure they are not dying, though… There are many kinds of cactus and in a lot of different sizes. If not, you can always get artificial house plants that really don’t need any of your attention but are really nice and decorative. For instance, we like Ikea’s choice; the potted grass is simple and looks quite nice, and it matches with the kind of person that likes simple decoration. You can also try the artificial bamboo plant, which is bigger and gives the green touch you want to add to your place. Let’s face it, you like plants but you don’t like taking care of them!

  • Plant your own house plants if you are a home-loving person:

House plants for home-loving people.

Are you the kind of person that loves to take care of its home? You like when everything looks perfect and the decoration is calculated. That’s because you like to be at home, you are a warm and cosy person and your favorite weekend plan is to stay at home on your couch with a blanket watching a film. Then you must plant yourself your house plants! You can grow a garden in your terrace or buy a small vegetable patch and plant your own herbs and plants. You won’t have to go to the grocery store to get the spices you need to cook. You can plant oregano, parsley, or even your own tomatoes! If it’s a little bit too much for you but you still want house plants and will like to take care of them you can buy a bonsai. This kind of plants require a good care and it’s not always easy to mantain them, be ready to spend a lot of hours at home with your bonsai!

  • Flowers are a must for romantic people:

House plants for romantic people.

Flowers and classic plants such as ivy are your house plants best choice if you are a romantic kind of person. You need a touch of fairy tale in your house and the best way to get that touch is introducing the classic woods where princesses’ castles are in your living room. Well, it might be difficult to fit a whole forest at your place… But you can start by hanging ivy from your walls and decorating your tables and furniture with flowers. Try not to do too much and choose discreet flowers. I personnaly like orchids, they are very sober and simple, but quite elegant and romantic. You can find them in lots of colors so it’s perfect in order to match them with your furniture. Why don’t you get some ideas on how to decorate your home with a romantic touch thanks to Ikea’s new catalogue?

  • Tranquility rules at your home? Choose bamboo:

House plants for calm people.

So, you like tranquility, peace and serenity? Well then, your house plants, must send that kind of calm message. You need plants like bamboo or aloe vera. They give the green touch you need but at the same time they transform your home into the temple of tranquility. The zen touch appeals to a smooth and quite atmosphere. Bamboo is a light plant and really esthetic that brings an asian kind of look to your house. And asian culture is partly known because of all the meditation and serenity that surrounds it. You can find some ideas on how to decorate your house in a zen way too. You want your home to help you disconnect from all the constant noise and the hustle and bustle from the streets, right? Then follow our tips!

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