How to do Heidi Klum Halloween costumes

You have probably already seen Heidi Klum and this year’s amazing Halloween costume. Her Jessica Rabbit costume was so great and fun, she was unrecognizable. But it’s not the first time Heidi Klum surprises us with her originality and impossible costumes. Every year she organizes a Halloween party and she invites all the celebrities of the moment. We have gone through each costume she has worn and we have chosen 4 that you might be able to copy thanks to our tips. So start taking notes for next Halloween!

  •  The Betty Boop costume:

Heidi Klum Betty Boop Halloween costume.

This is one of the first Halloween costumes Heidi Klum suprised us with. It is quite a classic and easy one, but still she managed to make it greater by adding some curves to her already perfect body and thanks to that great makeup. Even if you don’t have a professional makeup artist at your service as Heidi Klum does you can still rock the Betty Boop look. Choose a red dress like the one we have found in Asos ($22) and some matching red shoes like the leather ones from Zara ($79.90). Then you just have to add the details: some big earrings like this from H&M ($9.99), some red satin gloves you will find in any costume store, we have found some in Amazon ($14.95) and the Betty Boop wig which you probably will find in a costume store too like we did at Spirit ($16.99). And finally make sure you have the right makeup: a good mascara is essential, we recommend the NYX Doll Eye Mascara ($9.50) and the false lashes also from NYX ($3.50). Don’t forget to add the red lipstick for the final touch!

  • The creepy skinless choice:

Heidi Klum skinless Halloween costume.

Seeing Heidi Klum with no skin was quite scary and creepy. But once more, it was a great Halloween costume. Heidi Klum was wearing this one in 2011, and of course it was perfectly done. It’s difficult to get it done as well as she did, but you can try with these Black Milk muscles leggings. And for the top, I suggest you buy a nude body, like the one from Asos ($52) which is also a slim bodysuit, really helpful for when you wear tight dress! You can draw the muscles on it, you just need some fabric paint which you can find at Walmart. For your face you can choose between buying a mask, like this scary and creepy one you can find at Halloween Costumes 4U ($23.15) or trying to do your own skinless makeup.

  • Heidi Klum or Cleopatra?

Heidi Klum Cleopatra Halloween costume.

Another classic costume, done perfectly and majestically by Heidi Klum. Don’t worry, we bring you the simple version. First of all you have to be sure to get a golden dress, and if it has an egyptian cut much better. We have found the perfect one for a Cleopatra dress: this one from Asos ($69) has ‘Egyptian queen’ writen all over it! The most important thing for  this kind of costume is to do a lot of gold, so don’t be scared to use this color for your malkeup also. For example you can apply a golden eyeliner like the discreet one from Lancôme ($30.50), but if you want a little bit more of color use the Nars ($24) one, and combine it with a stong color eyeshadow. Or prefer a goden eyeshadow and a black eyeliner. The black eyeliner must be really thick, and I recommend you use Estée Lauder ($25) golden eyeshadow. Jewerly is also really important, golden necklaces and bracelets will make a great Cleopatra so don’t be afraid to exagerate and wear a lot. We love the egyptian kind of look this Parfois ($19.90) necklace has, or if you prefer you can choose a chain necklace like this one also from Parfois ($19.90). This label has great bracelets too: the golden basic bracelet ($14.90) and the Ramadan bracelet ($14.90). And of course, don’t forget to get your Egyptian wig! You can find plenty of them on eBay.

  • The Jessica Rabbit phenomenon:

Heidi Klum Jessica Rabbit Halloween costume.

Well, let’s be realistic. It might be difficult to find or make a Jessica Rabbit costume as great as the one Heidi Klum was wearing this year at her party. But you can always copy her style and be inspired by her look thanks to our tips. First of all, you need a sexy red dress; we have found this long red dress with a sweetheart plunge from Jarlo ($198), and you must combine it with red super high heels just like the ones from Asos ($54). Remember, Jessica Rabbit is all about sexy red, so apply that to your makeup too and wear a deep and intense red lipstick like Chanel’s Rouge Allure Velvet ($36), and I recommend you use too the Rouge Allure gloss also from Chanel ($34) to give it a shiny touch. And to be the perfect Jessica Rabbit you need the purple leather gloves, just like the ones from Carolina AmatoHeidi Klum combines her purple gloves with her exagerated eyeshadow, don’t be afraid to do the same and try the NYX Loose Pearl Eye Shadow ($3) or the Violet Baked Shadow also from NYX ($4).

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