Ikea helps you decorate with your own style

You probably already know that the new Ikea catalogue has arrived and there’s no doubt you keep it at home and you have already taken a quick look. Great! We suggest 4 ways to combine the furniture of the famous swedish factory with your own personal style. Don’t miss it!

Your house is your personality’s refelction, you mustn’t neglect it. That’s why, if you have nothing special to do this weekend or you are planning on giving a new look to your home, what better plan than going to Ikea to get lost through all the furniture? We have made a selection based on different styles:

A little bit of color for cheerful people:

Ikea images.
Ikea images

If you are an optimistic and cheerful person you house must overflow with color. And I recommend you use warm colors, such as orange, yellow or red. You can also use cold colors depending on the tone; a citrus green color or an electric blue may bring a lot of warmth to your home. Wood is the ideal material in order to project these colors and to make your home more welcoming. But use a light kind of wood. Osier furniture brings also a warm touch because we relate it to summertime. Don’t save this material for garden furniture only, you can also put an osier detail at home.

Risky prints for modern people:

Ikea images
Ikea images

If you like to be risky, flashy colors and excentric prints are made for you. This kind of furniture gives modernity and a touch of madness to the house. They are made for funny people who’s not afraid of other people’s opinions. Made for self-confident people. A little gesture of rebelliousness. And we find it great! No risk no reward. But we recommend to not mix prints; you don’t want to be taky. You can combine colors that you like and that match together, you don’t want to get bored or sick by seeing your couch.

For the incorrrigible romantic, classic furniture:

Ikea images

You would love to live in a castle just like a princess? You like baroque style? You’re a romantic person. The furniture that suits you the best according to your personality are the classic ones. Although, be careful not to be too cheesy! You can combine the princess touch with elegant furniture. Choose classic furniture and neutral colors; black and white will be your allies. Mix those basic colors with colors such as maroon, light pink, light yellow or beige. Add details like candels or mirrors, you will love it and it will give a romantic touch.

Simplicity and sobriety for quiet people :

Ikea images
Ikea images

If you like to get home to rest and you don’t like to go out so much, you prefer to stay at home reading in your livingroom, this is the selection made for you. You need furnite you can see everyday without getting bored of it and you need to feel at ease and comfortable around it. Choose sober colors such as light grey, brown, beige or white. An L-shaped couch is a ‘must’ for someone like you. You won’t be able to get up once you sit! Very comfortable if you want to read or watch a film. You will need a lot of light if you stay a lot at home, so don’t be afraid to buy lamps.

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