8 nail designs for fall and winter

8 nail designs for fall and winter
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Nail designs fall and winter colors
8 nail designs for fall and winter
Nail designs fall and winter colors.

Navy blues, dark greens and earthy colors, chocolate browns or burgundy red, greys and blacks. Those are the fall and winter colors that look amazing on you and you probably already have them in your closet. But have you applied it to your nail designs? Start now! We have seen them during the Fashion Weeks all around the World.

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Nail designs french manicure twist
8 nail designs for fall and winter
Nail designs french manicure twist.

Give a twist to the classic french manicure! Instead of painting the top of your nails white try other colors and create the most original nail desings. Get inspired by the OPI nail design with its Fifty Shades of Grey polish collection and do it yourself at home! You can also try more colors and risk it with glitter.

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Nail designs geometrical shapes
8 nail designs for fall and winter
Nail designs geometrical shapes.

We have rescued two designs from UK Revlon's nail expert, Jenny Longworth, to show you how to get geometrical nail designs this season. The pink and black dots design is really cute and instead of pink you can try red, which gives a great fall and winter touch. The lilac and black design is perfect for this season! We also love the Front Cover Cosmetics blue design.

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Nail designs half moon style
8 nail designs for fall and winter
Nail designs half moon style.

Elegance and originality, that's what half moon nail designs brings to your look. We specially love the triangle half moon style Sarah Hyland wore during the 2013 Emmys, the burgundy color is perfect! Jennifer Lawrence preferred a more discreet style with a black half moon. You can actually combine both style with the colors you want!

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Nail designs nude and neutral
8 nail designs for fall and winter
Nail designs nude and neutral.

Nude and neutral colors are your ally in any aspect. They match nearly everything so start using them for your nail designs. Julianne Hough knows it's a must and she wore that color this year at the American Music Awards combining it perfectly with green. If you want to add a little bit of color or some details, try to draw some black elegant stiipes just as Debby Ryan did. If you feel more in a flashy mood, get your pink nail polish and coy Cholë Grace Morritz style.

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Nail designs ombre nails
8 nail designs for fall and winter
Nail designs ombre nails.

After ombre hair we get ombre nail designs. This is a trend this year for sure and it comes straight from the catwalks. Get inspired by the Snow Queen style Jenna Ushkowitz has applied to her nails with some glitter and rock the winter look. You can also do it with any color and mixing them too.

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Nail designs stamped nails
8 nail designs for fall and winter
Nail designs stamped nails.

What better way to get into the fall and winter mood than painting your nails with leaves and snowflakes? You can find some beautiful and fun nail stamps at ÜberChic Beuaty and everything you need for your stamped nail designs. Be sure to combine it with the right season colors!

Nail designs metallic colors
8 nail designs for fall and winter
Nail designs metallic colors.

Metallic color are the best choice to make your whole look pop out. Think about a total black outfit and, suddenly, golden or silver nails. Perfect! And it's definitely one of the essential nail designs for this holidays parties. Think about New Year's Eve, what will look better than golden nails?

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Find out what are the nail designs that everybody is going to be wearing this cold season. We bring you eight beautiful, fun and original nail designs so you can show everybody during fall and winter how trendy you are! One for each day of the week and an extra one for your party nights. Each one of the nail designs are different and easy to do yourself at home. So take a look and get some ideas to show off your nails this season!

First of all, you have to be sure to know what colors you can wear during the cold season. The best way to wear your nail designs in fall and winter is to get inspired by the weather and Nature colors. Take for instance dark greens, such as Christmas trees; or dark browns and earthy colors like the woods in fall. You can go for a winter and snow look with greys and even whites, try for example Essie’s Virgin Snow collection. Don’t forget reds, burgundy, lilacs, maroons and any color that looks like berries. Very seasonal!

Fall and winter colors
Fall and winter colors, Essie and OPI nail polishes.

If you want original nail designs don’t be afraid to get a little bit crazy and have some fun experimenting with geometrical shapes or french manicure twists. OPI offers you a whole collection of shades and designs to get inpired this cold season. Take a look to the looks we have chosen from the celebrities in our gallery. You can get even more original by using stamps for your nail desings. Bring winter to your nails thanks to ÜberChic Beauty Christmas stamping plate, or get some original desings with Kiko‘s Ready-To-Go Art nail art strips.

But if you really want your nail designs to glow this fall and winter choose a mettalic and shiny look. You can find what you are looking for with OPI‘s Starlight collection, and a younger and fresher look with Essie‘s collection Fringe Luxeffects. Try also Revlon‘s transforming effects top coats collection and give your boring classic nail polish a new and sexy look. OPI also shows you how to get confetti nails, perfect for the holidays parties!

Metallic nail designs
OPI nail polishes for metallic nail designs. From left to right: “By the Light of the Moon”, “Ce-less-tial is More”, and “Give Me Space”.

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