Norbert Baksa’s controversial refugee-themed photoshoot

The Hungarian photographer, Norbert Baksa, is in the center of every conversation right now and has been highly criticized in the social media. And why is that? Well, Norbert Baksa has done a photoshoot inspired by the syrian refugee crisis Europe is living at the moment. This controversial photoshoot, titled “Der Migrant”, hasn’t been well received and has been considered as an insult and a mockery to a very serious political situation.

Norbert Baksa's refugee-themed photoshoot.
One of the photos of Norbert Baksa’s refugee-themed photoshoot.

Norbert Baksa has been accused of trivializing the hard situation that millions of Syrian refugees are living. In the photos we can see a model wearing label and expensive clothes in a glamourous way in front of a barbed wire fence. That fence simulates the Hungarian-Croatian border that lately has turned into the hotspot of the refugees desesperation to walk into European territory. The young model Monika Jablonczky, is portrayed by Norbert Baksa as a refugee trying to cross the border, but at the same time taking selfies with fashionable Chanel smartphone. We can also see how she is pulled by a policeman at the border’s fence and wearing a scarf around her head.

Norbert Baksa refugee-themed photoshoot.
One of Norbert Baksa photos shows a woman been pulled by the police.

The photographer has tried to defend his work saying that he wanted to draw attention to the refugee situation in Europe. Norbert Baksa has replied to the critics on Twitter and has assured that he didn’t want to “offend refugees or anybody else”.

You can see the whole “Der Migrant” photoshoot in Norbert Baksa website and his words justifying the photographies. According to him “the shooting is not intended to glamourize this clearly bad situation” and he considers it as a piece of “art”. He has explained that “it is very difficult to understand from the news coverage whether these people are indeed refugees or something else”, because he wanted to picture a “suffering woman, who is also beautiful and despite her situation, has some high quality pieces of outfit and an smartphone”.

Eitherway, the critics have been -and still are- invading Twitter. Personalities of journalism have given an opinion about Norbert Baksa’s photoshoot, such as Erin Cunningham, Washington Post’s correspondent in the Middle East, the reporter for Buzzfeed News, Rossalyn Warren, or the journalist Szabolcs Panyi who is covering the refugee crisis in Hungary.

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