Scarves 2015: which one will you choose?

What better way to face winter’s cold weather than warm and cosy scarves? The way they roll around your neck and chest and keep you protected from the wind and the cold temperatures… So nice! But you are bored of your last year’s scarves… Don’t worry! This fall/winter season you have a great and new selection of scarves in every kind of fabric, style, shape, color, price… And we have brought you some of the nicest so you can choose your favorite. Have a look!

  • The classic knitted scarves:

Knitted scarves.

Knitted scarves are a ‘must’ in your closet. It’s the classic scarf that never goes out of fashion. And you can find any kind of color, pattern, shape or fabric. We love Zara and River Island classic shaped scarves. The first one in a really cheerful color that will bring a little bit of sun to your winter days, and the second one with pompons so you can add a childish touch to your look. So cute! You can also wear this classic as a snood that will keep your neck realy warm, just like this one from H&M. If you want to be a little bit risky you can try an original pattern like the Tak.Ori one. Or an oversize knitted scarf such as the one we have found in Asos. Don’t forget the queen of classic scarves, the one with fringes. We love this one from La Fiorentina.

  • Scarves or blankets? Oversize scarves!

Oversize scarves.

We just are in love with oversize scarves! They were last winter’s ‘it’ clothing and this year they are back and we are so happy that they still are trendy! It’s so nice to be all covered in this kind of scarves. But be careful not to choose one too big, you don’t want to get lost in it! You can find any kind of patterns, last year the most famous were the plaid scarves, just like this one from Asos. You can also find them with geometric forms or a lot of warm colors, like the ones from Zara and Asos we have found. Or get back to the classic knitted scarves but oversized, check this one from Asos. If you prefer more discrret colors and pattern don’t hesistate in choosing this one from Zara, or the bicolor scarf from Mango.

  • Cover up in soft fur:

Fur scarves.

There are no softer scarves than the furry ones! It feels so nice to be covered in warm and soft fur… But don’t worry, we have also found faux fur scarves if you are against animal fur clothes or you simply can’t affor it. Check out the classic and simple fur scarf from Zara. So elegant! And you can combine it with whatever you want. If you want something more colorful or with different patterns and that look like true fur, the one from River Island is made for you. Are you feeling like getting a sexy fur scarf? What’s sexier than animal print? Nothing! This one from New Look is just gorgeous, and the Asos one includes a colorful touch that makes it really sexy! If you are more of the original kind and you are not afraid to take fashion risks you can try this patchwork scarf from Asos, or the multicolor one, also from Asos.

Ladies, winter is coming, so don’t forget your scarves!

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