Thanksgiving decorations for a perfect evening

Thanksgivings is coming, have you figured out how to decorate your dinner table and your house to have a perfect evening? Well, we give you some ideas for your Thanksgiving decorations in order to surprise your guests and to have the most elegant and beautiful Thanksgiving dinner ever.

  • Choose Thanksgiving themed tablecloth:

Thanksgiving decorations tablecloth.

Tanksgiving decorations are all about setting a beautiful table to have dinner with your friends or family. You are going to be all dressed up, so you probably want your table to look just as fancy and elegant as you. Let’s start by the tablecloth. I recommend you use one with a Thanksgiving theme, or with a fall inspiration. Leaves, cone pines, acorns, pumpkins, etc. are the perfect patterns in this case. And the colors must also match the season, so choose beiges and earthy colors. Although, you don’t want to dress your table with dark brown colors, they will look too harsh and sad. Try gold and nudes, just like the gold one from Zara Home ($59.90) with a flowerly pattern. Or choose the rustic printed one also from Zara Home ($59.90 – $69.90) and very appropriate for the season. If you prefer something lighter and simpler, then go for the floral embroided tablecloth from Zara Home ($25.90) again.

  • Add a nice and simple centerpiece:

Thanksgiving decorations centerpiece.

Centerpieces are quite an important part of Thanksgiving decorations and there is a great selection of them. You can, for example, choose a classic foral centerpiece, add some candles, or maybe an excentric cornucopia. I personally prefer keeping it simple and sober and put the focus on the food and the guests. That is why I really like the ‘do it yourself’ ideas and this one specially: it’s as easy as taking your glass cloche or dome and filling it with cone pines, acorns, small pumpkins, and whatever you like that speaks autumn and Thanksgiving to you. It is, by far, one of the easiest but still nice and elegant Thanksgiving decorations. If you don’t have a glass dome at home you can buy this one from H&M Home ($34.99), it’s always useful to have one. And if you don’t have time to pick some cone pines and acorns, or you don’t have a forest or any woods nearby, you can just buy some cinnamon-scented acorns ($4.99) and cone pines ($5.99) at Party City.

  • Light up your dinner with decorated candles:

Thanksgiving decorations candles.

It is always nice to give some cosy atmosphere to a family dinner or even if it’s between friends. That’s why candles are one of the best Thanksgiving decorations choices. And one of the best ways to use candles as Thanksgiving decorations is to give them a seasonal touch. Prefer orange, beige, white or yellow candles, those are the fall’s colors and put them in jars or crystal wide candle holders filled with acorns. You can also glue on the candle holders, the jars, or even on the candles, some autumn orange leaves, it will give a great effect to the light. We have fallen in love with this H&M ($12.99) candle in a can with an cone pine drawn, it sure has the Thanksgiving spirit. You can find the ombre scented candle in Ikea ($4.99). You also have any kind of candle and any color, we like the one in glass ($1.79) and the tiny ones ($1.79/4 pack), really nice to distribute them around the house.

  • Cute name tags ideas as Thanksgiving decorations for your table:

Thanksgiving decorations name tags.

If you are having a lot of people to dinner it’s important and almost necessary to place them at the table yourself. That is why one of your Thanksgiving decorations must be name tags. There are plenty of ways to do an original and cute name tag. For example, you can write your family and friends names on fall leaves, you can actually paint those leaves with nice paint, such as gold, and write their names upon. Or tigh a name tag to a leave. You can also use cone pines to stick the paper name tags in them. You can do the same as with the leaves and paint them with a nice color, for example the ones from Party City ($4.99) have golden glitter on them. There is actually a lot of things you can use as name tags: corks, small pumpkins, acorns, nuts, etc. You can even use a Pilgrim hat and write the name on it or stick the tag. At Party City ($13.99) you can find a mini Pilgrim hat pack.



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