The Model Industry is Racist

The typical criterion for male models (face wise) is jaw line and cheekbones and good skin! You can be a good looking guy etc… But if you don’t have the “strong features” (jaw line and cheekbones) you have a lot less chance of making it.

In that case, why are there so little Asian models? (by Asian Chinese, Japanese, Korean and thai is meant.

Almost every Asian I see has a tremendous jaw line and fantastic cheekbones. Their skin is usually perfect, if not smooth! Yet they are not up on the agencies boards.

armani collection 2012-2013There is the argument that most Asians are short, but there are a number of tall ones too. I have actually been surprised with how many tall asians i see….. Tall ones with good skin, good jawlines good cheekbones and that floppy crazy long hair that i’m sure the hairdressers at fashion shows and shoots could mould into anything…..the same as they do with caucasians hair.

I see more and more asian women being used, but still its the odd sprinkle. With the men, there isn’t even a tinkle.

I can’t say its the same typical blue eyes blond hair white male that is being used throughout the industry because that would be too monotonous for the agencies and designers I guess (agencies are always looking for someone who looks different and unique). If they are looking for unique, why are the majority of the models white. Don’t get me wrong, the current models are good looking modelesque men. But the average white guy does not have the “strong features” that a model needs…the average asian does…… So by logic (it works out logically in my mind anyway), there should be more asians in the loop. To me there is one reason for this….thai model

Racism may be a strong word, but that’s what I feel. Not that all the people in the industry are necessarily racist, but at the dawn of the industry one would expect to see only white guys in the frame (that is who the market was aimed for). So when designers want to sell their products they want the white guy, so the agencies want the white guy and so scouts look for WHITE guys with THE features, not simply THE guys with THE features.

If they looked simply for men with THE features, there would surely be more love for the asian. We don’t see that, so i suggest its in-bred institutionalised racism…. White models, its what you expect to see, and its a lot easier to run with the wind instead of into the wind.

Please note:
Let me just finish by saying i hope I ain’t offended anyone with the topic. I love Americans, I’m not bitter, i have nothing against white guys or any other race i don’t have a chip on my shoulder, I’m not trying to pull no race card and i am not Asian or in anyway affiliated to them…..its just something I’ve noticed.

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