The New York Fashion Week and the transgressive models

The New York Fashion Week caught us by suprise by hosting in the catwalks some unusual models. We are not used to seing in the fashion industry this kind of models. Although, this young women have broken the strict patterns of this fashion universe and have shown that being different is also beautiful.

We are talking about Madeline Stuart, the first model with Down’s syndrome, about Rebekah Marine, the top model who has a bionic arm, and Leslie Irby who slide through the catfish with her wheelchair, and finally the professional model Shaholly Ayers who was born without an arm.

This year, the New York Fashion Week has bet for models with disabilities to show that beauty is everywhere and that the perfect beauty doesn’t exist. The label FTL Moda was the one who brought  these women to the backstage of one of the most important dates with fashion.

To walk by the catwalk at the New York Fashion Week is a unique opportiunity for every professional model and every top model’s dream. It’s not the first time that the organisation includes models with disabilities among their participants. The previous edition had already hosted models in wheelchairs.

Leslie Erby during the New York Fashion Week. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

But this time the biggest star and the one everybody was talking about is Madeline Stuart. This young australian, eighteen years old only, has become the first professional model with Down’s syndrome. She wasn’t though the first one walking in the New York Fashion Week’s catwalk. Jamie Brewer, who also suffers from this genetic disorder, walked by for the Carrie Hammer show.

Is fashion knocking down walls? Are we going to be able to see all kind of women, with all kinds of physique, in every famous fashion show of the world? Despite the transgressive models seen in the New York Fashion Week, fashion still is a cruel world when it comes to stablishing beauty patterns. Ask model Agnes Hedengard who was considered to be too fat to be a model.

It is true though that thanks to models such as Candice Huffine or Tara Lynn, XXL beauty is in fashion now and that the curvy style is trendy. So girls, don’t worry about your curves, every singularity is beautiful.

Tara Lynn para V Magazine
Tara Lynn for V Magazine
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