The perfect eye makeup for your eye color

If you want to look good you need to know how to combine your makeup with your facial features, let’s avoid bad makeup choices! It’s quite easy, you just need to be aware of what looks good on you and what doesn’t. And to help you we are giving you some tips to wear the perfect eyeshadow according to your eye color. Yes, it doesn’t look the same on blue eyes and brown eyes, so check it out and learn to use the correct makeup!

  • A pinky makeup for blue eyes:

Makeup for blue eyes.

Blue eyes are beautiful and so expressive. So you must be carefull not to reduce the intensity of your eye color with the makeup you use. The perfect eyeshadows for blue eyes must be the ones close to pink, just like the one Taylor Swift is wearing. For example the NYX Hot Singles Eyeshadow (3. – $4.50) is the perfect tone for your eyes. But you can find a whole range of pinks. The Maybelline Blushed Nudes Palette (1. – $11.99) offers you a great selection of pinks and nudes. Or you can try mixing pink with earthy browns and gold, just like L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Eyeshadow (2. – $7.95) suggests. Oranges such as peach or apricot look great on blue-eyed girls too. Try the L’Oréal Paris Infallible 24HR Eyeshadow (4. – $7.99/each), it will look great on you. I also love contrast and I have to say that black smokey eyes are also really gorgeous on blue eyes, they really underline the blue sparkle. Be sure to avoid blue or green eye makeup, it will reduce the intensity of the color of your eye.

  • Green eyes work with purple makeup:

Makeup for green eyes.

Just as Emma Stone does, girls with green eyes should use mauve eye makeup and all its variations. Purples, plums, lilac, violet and even pink, look great with green eyes. MAC and its Purple Times Nine (2. – $40) is the perfect kit to get all the shades you need. Or, if you prfer lighter tones, you can choose MAC Veluxe Pearlfusion shadow: plumluxe (1. -$40).  Blues and navy work really great too; Maybelline Eye Studio Color Plush (4. – $9.99) and MAC Night Sky (3. – $70) have all kinds of blues you need. You can even choose green but prefer dark green like L’Oréal Paris HiP Metallic Duos (5. – $8.25)  and use it as Jessica Biel does; as an eyeliner to underline the eye. You can also mix blue and purple thanks to  NYX Baked Shadow (6. – $4).

  • Lucky hazel brown-eyed girls!

Makeup for hazel brown eyes.

If you have hazel brown eyes you are really lucky! You can wear almost any kind of makeup. All shades will bring out your eye color but the best are the golden colors. Every color with a little bit of gold or sparkle will look great on you. You can choose between Bobbi Brown Shimmering Sands Eye Palette (1. – $70), and MAC Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow: Brown (5. – $40) or the same MAC model but in Amberluxe (6. – $40). Earthy and burgundy colors, such as brown, maroon or claret are perfect for you too., so try the MAC Burgundy Times Nine Eye Shadow (4. – $40). And warm color such as oranges, yellows and even light and citric greens can look amazing. Maybelline Eye Studio brings you its Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Shadow (2. – $6.99) that will look great, or try the L’Oréal Paris HiP Studio Secrets Professional Metallic Duos (3. – $8.25).

  • Dark brown eyes, dark makeup:

Makeup for dark brown eyes.

And when it comes to dark brown eyes makeup we get more classic. Deep shades will highlight dark brown eyes so you must definitely use shades such as dark greys, navy blues, browns and blacks. For the grey choice you can try the L’Oréal Paris Studio Secrets (1. – $5.99) to get the smokey eye that fits you so well, or the MAC Navy Times Nine Palette (2. – $40) which combines greys and browns. Speaking about browns L’Oréal Paris offers a Palette Nude with a lot of tones so you can choose the one you prefer or combine some of them. You can also try NYX Glam Shadow (6. – $4.50) with a sparkly touch. Greys can also be sparkly and metallic just like this Maybelline Tattoo Metal Cream Gel Shadow (4. – $6.99) or the Color Pearls Eyeshadow also from Maybelline (3. – $6.99).

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