The trapezoid skirt: a ‘must have’

You have probably already seen the first trapezoid skirts with front buttons walking around your city streets, and probably they were jean skirts. Indeed, this 70’s classic skirt is coming back to our closets and the denim version has already shown herself this summer. Get ready for the rest of the year with our suggestions about the ‘must have’ of the season.

Luckily, the offer doesn’t stops at the jean fabric, there are many more choices, types, colours, prints and fabrics in which you can find your trapezoid skirt, this year’s ‘must have’ that you need to buy no matter what. The celebrities have already bought theirs and they show them proudly in all the magazines, and the best labels have alrealdy shown their designs in the most important fashion shows of the world.

Important personalities in the fashion world, such as the singer Taylor Swift or the ‘it girl’ Alexa Chung, have joined this new style. Some big labels such as Gucci or Louis Vuitton have already launched this bell-shaped skirt from the 70’s and adapted it to our time in an enormous variety of styles. But we are going to show you some low cost options of the skirt of the year. ¡Pay attention!

Denim is always a perfect match:

We have already seen this version of the trapezoid skirt this summer and you might already have bought yours and it’s in a safe place. ¡Well done! But if you don’t have it yet, what are you waiting for? You can find it in stores such as Zara, Bershka, H&M or Stradivarius among other, and at very reasonable prices from 20€ to 30€. You can find any kind of jean skirt; with pockets, plain, dark, half-washed, or even as a jumper… You will not know which one to choose! The jean skirt is a basic clothing that must be in every closet, it matches almost everything, it’s comfortable, timeless, and the trapezoid skirt with front buttons is the perfect choice.

FaldaTrapecio-Vaqueras. AllTrendsFashion

The elegant and soft leather:

For you girls who love leather clothes, you are in luck. You can find the trapezoid skirt with front buttons in leather and we have found some models which are quite affordable. The trapezoid shape highlights your body and it’s very femenine, if you add the elegance of the leather to that it will be a success. Besides, now that winter is coming the leather skirt is essential, and if you buy it in neutral and plain colors you will be able to combine it with flashy pullovers, extra big scarfs or high boots. Don’t hesitate to try it!

FaldaTrapecio-Piel. AllTrendsFashion

Dare to wear printed skirts:

A good thing about the trapezoid skirt is that you can wear it with any kind of print and it will still be very flattering. It clings to the waist and the over-the-knee lenght gives the impression your legs are longer. Although, if you don’t want the attention to be centered on your hips avoid the trapezoid skirt with flashy prints, it will make your hips look bigger because of the A shaped pattern. If you are not very curvy it is the ideal clothing for you. You can find it with any kind of print; with studs, patchworked, with more than one fabric or with a wavy cut.

FaldaTrapecio-Estampados. AllTrendsFashion

Add some color to your life:

Last but not least, we chose some models in different fabrics and various colors. From a white jean trapezoid skirt with buttons, to a brick red one, a great color for autumn and winter. Don’t be afraid to add some color to the winter! We are fed up of hearing people say that when it’s cold outside we must wear dark colors that match the grey sky. That’s not right. You can wear any color you want and add some light to the dark and cold winter days, you will stand better the bad weather this way.

FaldaTrapecio-Colores. AllTrendsFashion

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