Too fat to be a model?

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Once again, controversy is affecting the fashion industry.It looked like diversity had finally managed to get into fashion thanks to models such as Winnie Harlow, Moffy or Madeline Stuart, and that, step by step, the impossible beauty standards were going to disappear, but we were wrong… These cases have been set aside and have become exceptions or even a trend.

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Agnes Hedengård, an eighteen-year-old  swedish model has shaken up the social media with her testimony. Agnes weights 56 kilos and measures 1,80 m and she’s not getting hired as a model because she is “too fat”.

“I have been working as a model for 5 years, but from know on I’m not going to find a job because the fashion industry thinks I’m too big, they think my butt is too big and my hips too large. According to the fashion industry you can not look like me, you need to be thiner”, says the top model.

Her body mass index (BMI) is way below the healthy and recommended one, nevertheless, the industry considers she needs to “get in shape”. But the model, instead of getting depressed she decided to leave a message that will help hundreds of girls that are not comfortable with their bodies:  “Love yourself the way you are, let nobody make you believe the contrary”.

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