Dress color: which one to choose according to your hair color

You have always wondered what dress color looks better on you? Now you can know for sure thanks to your hair color. Check out what color matches perfectly with your blonde hair for example. We also have made a selection of dress colors for brunettes, and for redheads. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your perfect dress!

  • Blondes:

Dress colors for blondes.

There are many types of blonde tones; you have platinum, honey blondes, brown blondes… And not every kind of blonde has the same dress color that suits perfectly with the hair tone. For example, if you are a platinum blonde you might want to chosse a dress color that really makes a contrast with your hair. You can wear true red, black, electric blue… Flashy and sexy colors that will really underline your platinum tone. We love this red dress from Missguided, or the blue one from The Laden Showroom, and of course the sexy black from Missguided. For women with a honey blonde kind of hair, we recommend you wear jewel tones such as purples and blues, but not too flashy, just like this purple one from Asos. If your hair is more like a dark blonde, even brown blonde the dress color that suits you better is the pastel type of color, and the creams and highly saturated colors, just like this light pastel pink from The Laden Showroom.

  • Brunettes:

Dress colors for brunettes.

If you are a brunette it’s important to take into account your skin tone, because the dress color you will choose won’t be the same. In general jewel tones look beautiful on brunettes; emeraude, sapphire, purples… Those are perfect for any kind of brunette, just like this green one from Asos, or the long purple one from Fame and Partners, and the blue one from Vesper. If you have a warm skin tone you might want to wear earthy shades, like moka, yellow or orange. I personally love mustard for a dress color, just like this one from Sisley, or the earthy one from Sisley too. For brunettes with a lighter skin, I recommend you play with contrast and choose colors like dark pink, dark red or black.

  • Redheads:

Dress colors for redheads.

Natural redhair is beautiful and highlights the features of your face. It shines on its own thanks to its fire look. The perfect dress color for a redhead is green in any of its shades and tones. Emeraude green looks amazing with red hair, celebrities with this hair color like Emma Stone or Julianne Moore know it and they use it wisely. We have found this simple but very cute emeraude dress from Zara. But really any kind of green is flattering to a redhead; mossy, olive, bottle green or even misty sage green, just like the one we have chosen from Asos. And following this kind of shade, pastel and cream colors look really nice on redheads, for example light blues and lavender purples, just like this maxi dress from Missguided or the light blue from Asos. Neutral colors are a great choice too and brown, black or navy are classic dress colors that are must for redheads. We love this black one from Maison Scotch or the elegant navy colored dress from Asos.

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